Moondrop Venus: Planar headphones in aluminum cases

Moondrop Venus
Moondrop Venus

Moondrop has released a full-size isodynamic (planar) Venus headphones , which are distinguished by the use of emitters of their own design.

ImageThe headphones use isodynamic drivers with the thinnest round diaphragm with a diameter of 100 mm . It has a pure silver voice coil and a set of 18 N52 neodymium magnets installed in the magnetic system . Their location is accurately calculated by finite element analysis.

ImageThe shells of the cups and the chassis of the radiators are machined from aluminum on a CNC machine, the shape of the gratings is chosen in such a way as to ensure the correct radiation pattern and exact observance of the phase characteristics of the signal. The wide headband has a double structure of metal and genuine leather and adapts itself to the shape and size of the listener’s head.


The headphones are supplied with two detachable cables with 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm plugs . The sensitivity of the model is 100 dB , the impedance is 18 ohms .

Isodynamic Moondrop Venus headphones are sold online for $600.