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Nagra collaborates with Audeze to develop Model I headphone

Nagra collaborates with Audeze to develop Model I headphones
Nagra collaborates with Audeze to develop Model I headphones

Nagra continues to share information about its Model I headphones. It is known that they are created in collaboration with Audeze and continue the development trend of the Reference Anniversary turntable and the Reference MC phono cartridge that complemented it .

The Nagra Model I headphones are primarily designed for professional sound engineers as a portable monitoring tool and, in part, a replacement for bulky speakers. This does not mean that ordinary lovers of high-quality sound will not be interested in headphones, who, in the pursuit of audio absolute, do not pay attention to the price.

The novelty was presented at the Audio Engineering Society Convention 2022 in New York. Developed in collaboration with Audeze Nagra Model I, closed-back headphones. The headband is typical for the California company, the cups, judging by the images, are made of carbon. This material is often used in audio devices due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and good damping.

When designing headphones with portability in mind, Nagra took into account that such battery-powered recorders do not have much power, which means that headphones should become an easy load. But the technical specifications, as well as the price of the Nagra Model I, are still unknown – on the model page of the Nagra website, those who are interested are invited to wait.

It is only said that these monitor headphones provide “enough isolation to focus on the recording, very wide bandwidth and ultra-accurate tone.” The manufacturer also said that the Model I comes “in a rugged case that you can take with you around the world.”

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