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Nothing Ear (Stick) Headphones – Another $100 Alternative to AirPods

Nothing Ear (Stick) Headphones
Nothing Ear (Stick) Headphones

The relatively young brand of mobile gadgets Nothing has already released the second model of wireless headphones. Their name, Nothing Ear (Stick), will distinguish the novelty from last year’s model, logically named Nothing Ear (1). In addition to the names, continuity is also felt in the constancy of prices – Nothing Ear (Stick) costs the same as Nothing Ear (1) at the start. True, the novelty does not have a noise reduction function, so the recent rise in price of Nothing Ear (1) can be considered quite justified.

But Ear (Stick) are equipped with freshly created (according to Nothing), large speakers with a diameter of 12.6 mm. As a result, in the description of the sound of the novelty from the representatives of the company, you can see a lot of epithets like “rich depth”, “clear high frequencies”, “bold details”, “powerful authentic sound”, “minimal distortion”, etc.

The headphones have a proprietary system Nothing’s Bass Lock. It corrects the bass level of not just the headphones themselves, but the entire headphone-to-ear system, constantly “tuning the equalizer curve to the optimum level.” The connectivity and design make it clear that Nothing Ear could be a cheaper, more capable alternative to Apple’s AirPods. They will have enough batteries for seven hours of continuous listening to music (and 29 hours – taking into account the complete case), and after ten minutes of recharging, they can last a couple more hours.

Sales of Nothing Ear (Stick) headphones will start on the manufacturer’s website (and not only) on November 4th. In the US, the price of the headphones will be $100.

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