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Nura Nuratrue: Earbuds with personalize sound based on ear response

The Australian company Nura has introduced Nuratrue. These are “the only headphones that personalize the sound just for you.” Of the two founders of Nura, one is a physician and hearing specialist, and the other is an electronic engineer. They created Nura technology that they say adapts to unique hearing parameters.

To this end, Nura Nuratrue generates special signals in the ear and then measures the very faint sound that the ear responds with – this is called Otoacoustic Emission (OAE). This weak signal is used to tweak the Nuratrue sound to suit the particular listener.

The rest of the Nuratrue are quite classic TWS headphones. They provide active noise cancellation, use Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX and Bluetooth QuickSwitch function. The IPX4 enclosure contains touch panels for playback control.

Nuratrue will work for 6 hours on its own from a full charge. Three more cycles will be added by the charging case. The set includes a USB cable, a fast charging function is provided.

The earbuds also come with four different sizes of silicone earbuds, a pair of oversized foam earbuds and a pair of fin tips. In addition, the Nuratrue customer will receive three months of free relaxing Endel service, which offers meditation and sleep with personalized soundscapes.

In Europe, Nuratrue headphones from Nura will cost 230 euros.

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