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NuraNow: Nura launches a headphone subscription

Streaming platforms, mobile phones, even cars. There are more and more options that we have in the market to pay for our products and services by the month. To some, it may seem like an expense for something that will never become yours; for others, it is the path to the struggle for planned obsolescence. And why are we talking to you about this today? Because the news about the rental Nura headphones has just reached us  . We tell you what it consists of and how much they cost.

Features and price of NuraNow

Nura is an Australian headphone brand that offers its users the possibility of using their products through a monthly payment. The interested party will only have to make a reduced initial payment and then make a payment each month for its use. The brand, in return, undertakes to  change the model every two years and give promotions and gifts  throughout the duration of said subscription. Of course, the user can unsubscribe at any time, but from that moment on, they will lose their benefits.

This rental service is called  NuraNow and there are several types of headphones available, all with noise cancellation and touch controls, but it changes its format (TWS, headband or sports, respectively):

  • NuraBuds : $ 5 per month + $ 20 down payment.
  • NuraPhone:  $ 10 per month + $ 50 down payment.
  • NuraLoop:  $ 8 per month + $ 30 down payment.

In case you want to stop paying for this subscription, you have to contact the brand and return the equipment, so that the payment is stopped. If the user does not return them,  the headphones will stop working thanks to a pre-installed software that allows them to be deactivated remotely.

NuraNow is currently available  in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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