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OPPO Enco X2: A step forward in delivering outstanding sound quality

Enco X2
Enco X2

OPPO has presented an updated version of its flagship TWS headphones . The headphones receive the same hybrid combination of drivers as in the first generation, and the final sound tuning from the specialists of the Hi-Fi brand Dynaudio .

Developed in collaboration with Dynaudio thanks to the new SuperDBEE dual coaxial system, the OPPO Enco X2 headphones have taken a significant step forward in delivering outstanding sound quality. Equipped with ultra-light diaphragms and exclusive planar tweeters, the Enco X2 can deliver much better performance than the previous model.



The new structure of the four-magnet planar emitter has expanded the frequency range to 40 kHz, has a much better resolution and provides more detailed sound, even for familiar compositions.

New LHDC 4.0 technology has significantly increased the speed of wireless audio to 900 kbps / 24 bits / 96 kHz, which is three times higher than traditional audio codecs.

In addition, the novelty combines technologies to compensate for the loss of sound due to ergonomics or the shape of the ear canal, as well as a personalized sound amplifier for the most comfortable listening.



The noise reduction system works on the basis of four microphones and provides sound clipping up to 45 dB. The intelligent noise reduction system automatically adjusts to external conditions for maximum efficiency.

Working as a headset has also improved. New microphones with bone conduction sensors reduce the influence of external factors on the quality of sound transmission and you can be sure that your interlocutor will hear your voice in more detail, even in a loud environment.


The color scheme remained unchanged, the headphones are available in black and white. The special technology of painting black headphones makes their texture similar to ceramics. The case is protected against moisture according to the IP54 standard.



Dolby Audio’s binary recording technology allows you to use headphone microphones to record the sound that surrounds you.



The battery life of the headphones is up to 40 hours. Fast and wireless charging are supported.

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