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Orosound Labs Unveils Innovative AI Technologies for Smart Headphones

Orosound Labs
Orosound Labs

The French company Orosound, known for its developments in the field of signal processing and noise reduction, announced the creation of Orosound Labs, an innovation division dedicated to the development of AI technologies for audio devices.

Orosound Labs is leading the way with cutting-edge AI-enabled active noise cancellation technologies ready for integration into consumer brands. The innovation division promises to provide partners with a faster and more reliable way to bring headphones with unique AI features to market.

Founded in 2015, Orosound’s Tilde Voice First noise-canceling technology has been successfully incorporated into premium French-made office headsets and headphones. In addition to professional headphones, Orosound has developed breakthrough AI ANC technologies available for integration by consumer brands.

Orosound Labs’ Sentient platform is a proprietary platform of AI audio technologies created in response to growing market demand for personalized hearing solutions. At CES 2024, the company will showcase a TWS prototype developed in collaboration with key industry players such as Knowles, TDK Invensense, Qualcomm and Greenwaves Technologies.

Qualcomm’s 2023 report shows that more than 80% of global consumers believe ANC technologies will significantly influence their choice of true wireless headphones, and 60% cite audio personalization as a key criterion for their next audio product. Sentient Platform meets this demand by offering an enhanced and seamless audio experience through edge-AI platforms.

Orosound Labs leverages its expertise in production and AI audio technologies to help bring intelligent solutions powered by the Sentient platform to market. Partners are provided with design guidance, a plug-and-play assessment kit, qualified hardware, a unique set of audio programs and manufacturing guidance to enable reliable and easy implementation of AI technologies and mass production of advanced headphones.

AI-F2F (Artificial Intelligence Face to Face) technology has been one of Orosound’s key achievements since it was patented in 2015. Now enriched with edge-AI capabilities, AI-F2F emerges as a cutting-edge technology ready to be shared with partners. According to the company, the use of a neural network engine and proprietary directed speech control provide the best MOS result. High performance with a latency of less than 8 ms guarantees the reality of the conversation without any discrepancy between the heard voice and lip movements.

AI-F2F meets the growing demand for hearing enhancement solutions designed to enhance communications and clearer speech perception. This doesn’t just apply to solutions for the hearing impaired, as 61% of consumers admit to having difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments. What’s more, more than half of global consumers express the likelihood that hearing assistance options will influence their choice of true wireless headphones, with the figure reaching 80% in countries like China and India, according to Qualcomm’s latest 2023 report.

Through its innovative Orosound Labs division, the company intends to expand the availability of its AI audio technologies to meet this consumer demand. Its extensive research and development puts it at the forefront of AI-enabled active noise cancellation and reduction technologies, and as a pioneer in the development of the next generation of smart headphones.

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