Philips A7507: TWS headphones co-developed with Team Jumbo Visma


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Philips has unveiled the A7507 “True Wireless” headphones  with ANC Pro  Active Noise Canceling , which will let you hear everything that happens around you while listening to music. A special algorithm is reported to reduce wind noise.

The headphones boast 8 hours of battery life on a single charge and 29 hours with the charging case. Connection to smartphones and tablet computers occurs via Bluetooth communication with support for the LDAC codec .

The model is made in red and black shades and its design does not differ from numerous analogues on the market.

The A7507 True Wireless (TWS) headphones offer excellent sound quality whether you are training in the studio, jogging or hiking in windy conditions. The reasons for this are the large-dimensioned, graphene-carbon coated drivers used and the compatibility with LDAC and AAC codecs. Added to this is the powerful new ANC Pro system, which gives users the choice: either as little external interference as possible should be heard or ambient noise can penetrate (ambient sound), with wind noise being reduced using a special algorithm.

The hybrid design of the A7507 is based on bone conduction sensors to increase speech quality, especially in loud ambient noise when running or cycling.

With a playback time of eight hours, the headphones are enduring companions for every workout. The batteries are charged via USB-C and after just 15 minutes you can play for an hour.

The rechargeable battery in the storage box provides another 21 hours of music enjoyment. To ensure a comfortable fit even after long hours of listening, the A7507 comes with supported ear buds and ear tips in different sizes.

In Europe, sales of the Philips A7507 will start in the second quarter of 2022. The headphones are priced at 179.99 euros .

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