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Philips N7808: Headphones that help you fall asleep

Compared to other sleep tracking devices, the new Philips N7808 earphones stand out because they really help the wearer fall asleep.

The model was developed in collaboration with the sleep company Kokoon . The built-in white noise generator helps to mask external annoying noises, and special sensors determine the phase of sleep in which the user is located and automatically lower the volume level, and then completely turn off the sound.


The headphones have accelerometers, as well as an optical sensor for measuring heart rate. The headphones come with a handy carrying case and are only 6mm thick . The model can work from one charge up to 10 hours , and for better control of the sleep phases, you can use the mobile application from Kokoon.

The Philips N7808 headphones will go on sale for $249 and can be pre-ordered at a discounted price of $174 .

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