QDC 8 Pro: Flagship in-ear headphones launched

QDC 8 Pro

QDC has released its flagship model of professional in-ear headphones 8 Pro , which have a three-way design .


Each earphone has eight reinforcement emitters , four of which reproduce the low-frequency range and two each operate at medium and high frequencies. The coordinated operation of the drivers is ensured by a passive electronic crossover, as well as independent waveguides. The model has a three-position switch that allows you to select one of three curves – Live, Studio, Hi-Fi .


The universal version housings are made entirely of carbon fiber, the detachable cable with copper and silver conductors is equipped with a 0.78 mm connector and a modular plug that allows the installation of three different mini-jacks. Headphone sensitivity varies from 104 to 108 dB depending on the selected curve, impedance ranges from 19 to 62 Ohms.


The QDC 8 Pro in-ear headphones are available to order now, starting at $1,540

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