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QuietOn 3: The smallest headphones made for sleep

QuietOn 3

The Finnish company QuietOn considers its QuietOn 3 headphones to be the smallest model equipped with ANC, they are designed exclusively for restful sleep.

QuietOn 3

“The QuietOn 3 headphones are the first headphones small enough to fit completely inside the ear, making them the only Active Noise Canceling (ANC) sleep solution that is comfortable enough for everyone, including sleeping on the side. Superior comfort and pure northern silence allow Users to enjoy a good night’s sleep for improved overall health and a willingness to exercise every day with a clear, rested mind, ”states QuietOn.

QuietOn 3

The downsizing of the QuietOn 3 was made possible by the absence of a transmitter, receiver, and other Bluetooth components. In addition, since the new product does not play music, there is no need for larger drivers. To ensure maximum comfort, each QuietOn 3 pair comes with four sizes of ear tips.

With no wireless setup or plugging required, and automatic charging in the included case, QuietOn 3 is always ready to go. They simply provide more restful sleep. QuietOn 3 headphones are charged in the included carrying case. One charge lasts 28 hours of use, lasts several nights.

The headphones successfully blocks the nocturnal sounds of a snoring partner, traffic or a neighbor’s party-goer, providing a restful night’s sleep.

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