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Rumors: After acquiring RHA Audio, Sonos will be manufacturing headphones

With the acquisition of UK company RHA Audio, which just changed its name to Origin North Ltd, Sonos may be targeting headphones. This direction is not yet represented in the company’s portfolio, although rumors of its appearance sometimes appear.

So far, it is known for sure that the American manufacturer of multi – room audio has acquired a controlling stake in RHA Audio from Glasgow, known for its headphones – in particular, the TrueConnect and TrueConnect 2 models . This speaks of full access to RHA know-how and technology, so now everything is ready for the production of Sonos headphones.

They are rumored to get the same “Swap” feature (and button) as the Sonos Roam – allowing them to “pick up” sound from the nearest Sonos device. However, the developments of RHA Audio may well complement the proprietary achievements of Sonos. True, according to rumors, Sonos headphones will be full-size, while RHA specializes in in-ear models – but the company’s experience may be useful in the development of such a device.

Naturally, future Sonos headphones are hard to imagine without voice assistant control, convenient volume control and other functions, including telephony microphones. The novelty is expected to repeat the convenience and benefits of Sonos multi-room devices in a miniature headphone version.

If you believe the information received earlier from Sonos, new items should appear before the end of this year.

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