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Rumors: Sonos is preparing to launch its own line of wireless headphones with next-generation technologies

Sonos bought American startup T2 Software. This small company specializes in next-generation Bluetooth technology. In particular, T2 Software worked on the creation of the LC3 codec and Bluetooth LE Audio technology.

Both developments are aimed at improving sound quality with reduced power consumption. According to experts, these new technologies can be used primarily for the production of wireless headphones.

Our Western colleagues suggested that Sonos is just aiming to launch its own line of such products. This indirectly confirms the recent message of Sonos in one of the social networks: the company announced the search for an agency that will help promote a “new category of products” – and this may become “the most ambitious project in the history of Sonos.”

If headphones from Sonos and T2 Software really appear, then due to the mentioned Bluetooth LE Audio and LC3, users will be able to broadcast a music signal from one source to several pairs of headphones at once (like multi-room speakers). At least, technology implies such functionality.

Note that T2 Software became part of Sonos in November last year, but this was not reported. Previously, T2 collaborated with Bose, but recently all efforts have been focused on Bluetooth technologies.

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