SCUF H1 Headphones: Gaming Headset in 30 Designs

SCUF Gaming is a subsidiary of the American Corsair Gaming (it bought SCUF in 2019). The H1 corded headset is based on the design and technology of the Corsair Virtuoso. For a full-scale gaming sound in the new product, 50 mm speakers with neodymium magnets are responsible. The built-in volume control will allow you not to be distracted from the gameplay.

SCUF H1 features an adjustable synthetic leather headband. The ear cushions are filled with memory foam. Standard 3.5mm connectors make the model compatible with a variety of devices.


The novelty is available in two basic colors: white and black. The design of the earcups is changed by overlays on the cups, the design of which can be selected from more than 30 options.

In fact, there are even more design options for the SCUF H1 gaming headset. SCUF Gaming also offered to customize the microphone options (unidirectional or omnidirectional) and ear pads (made of artificial leather or hybrid materials.


The SCUF H1 headset is already available on the manufacturer’s website, starting at $ 130.