Sennheiser launches SoundProtex hearing protection for all conditions

Sennheiser SoundProtex
Sennheiser SoundProtex

New SoundProtex earplugs from Sennheiser solve the problem of safe listening to loud sound at music concerts and in any places where amplification equipment is used. They allow you to enjoy music comfortably, without harming your hearing and, most importantly, without losing sound quality. It is known that modern concerts often leave an unpleasant ringing in the ears long after the end.

The use of protective earplugs is also not the best option for listening to a live performance (vocalist, band, DJ), as they significantly degrade the sound quality and deprive you of the feeling of full interaction with the event. Therefore, Sennheiser, using its extensive experience and the latest achievements in the field of acoustics, has developed SoundProtex – special high-tech filters that provide exceptional sound quality for live music along with hearing safety.

The basis of the new SoundProtex is the innovative patented technology of the membrane filter, which ensures the preservation of all details and frequency balance of the original sound of live music. This allows you to enjoy the powerful sound of a concert without a negative impact on your health. In other words, SoundProtex conveys all the nuances that make every musical composition sound impressive. The filters effectively reduce high sound pressure from a potentially harmful level to a level that is safe for hearing, allowing you to enjoy a loud concert without discomfort.


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It is worth noting that the power of acoustic equipment used at modern rock concerts often exceeds 100 dB. Being in the area of ​​such powerful sound pressure for more than 15 minutes, the listener faces the risk of serious hearing problems.

The uniqueness of the two-stage SoundProtex filters lies in their ability to preserve the quality and natural balance of the sound. Each SoundProtex filter has an adjustable diaphragm and a special sound-absorbing mesh that effectively filters both high and low frequencies.


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The main problem is that our ear perceives speech mainly through high frequencies, but ordinary filters and earplugs block these frequencies best. Therefore, SoundProtex filters are designed in such a way that they not only perfectly balance the sound, but also pass certain high frequencies. This allows the listener to clearly hear the surrounding sound and communicate normally during the concert, even if it is very loud.

Sennheiser SoundProtex Plus

In addition to the standard set of filters, the Sennheiser SoundProtex Plus earplugs also include two additional filters with three levels of sound attenuation adjustment. Thanks to these filters, SoundProtex Plus are more versatile and can be used almost anywhere – be it the office or the loudest concert.


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The most powerful filter has an acoustic efficiency ratio (SNR) of 20 dB and is designed for maximum hearing protection from loud music, the noise of sports cars and loud power tools. The median filter has an SNR of 17 dB and is optimized for use at music festivals and in transport. The weakest filter has an SNR of about 10dB and is intended for use at quieter concerts (or those without significant amplification), in large open offices, and in casual bars, restaurants, and other relatively quiet locations or events.

When absolute silence is required, SoundProtex Plus can also be used as earplugs so that the filters completely block out all outside noise.

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