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Sennheiser Momentum Sport: Headphones with temperature and heart rate sensors

Sennheiser Momentum Sport
Sennheiser Momentum Sport

Sennheiser’s latest wireless headphones aren’t just designed to withstand physical exertion during an intense workout—they’re also designed to track and optimize your results. Momentum Sport is the company’s first wireless headphones with built-in heart rate and body temperature sensors, and is compatible with popular fitness apps such as Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Strava, Peleton and Polar.

The Momentum Sport was unveiled at CES 2024 and will be available from April 9 in three colors: Polar Black, Burned Olive and Metallic Graphite.



The Momentum Sport can be directly connected to other fitness devices, such as the Apple Watch, Garmin Watch , and Polar Vantage V3 multisport watch — which might seem redundant given the availability of fitness sensors. However, Sennheiser believes that the ear is a better location for accurate measurements than the wrist, stating that “the inner ear is an optimal, dark location with low levels of light pollution and is one of the most stable parts of the body during physical activity.”

The headphones are IP55 dust and sweat resistant, and their charging case is IP54. It is stated that the battery life is 6 hours from a single charge, and including the case – 24 hours. Ten minutes of quick USB charging can provide up to 45 minutes of playback.



The Momentum Sport also features three-axis accelerometers that work in conjunction with the headphones’ touch sensors—if you’re wearing gloves, the controls will still recognize touch thanks to motion detection.

The design of Sennheiser Momentum Sport provides for the presence of ventilation, which allows air to circulate. This should help reduce the damping effect (early ringing), but it can also reduce the sound of footsteps and breathing, which can be distracting. Sennheiser claims the same vented design also helps the effectiveness of the transparency mode, allowing you to hear more of your surroundings when you’re not using the adaptive active noise cancellation mode. In terms of sound quality, the Sport use a new 10mm driver and are compatible with aptX Adaptive for higher quality digital audio.


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