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Sennheiser reveals Sennheiser HD 560S Headphones

Sennheiser HD 560S

The German headphone manufacturer Sennheiser has announced the HD 560S, an open over-ear headphone that, according to the manufacturer, combines high wearing comfort with high sound quality. The new Sennheiser HD 560S open headphones are designed to deliver a natural and realistic sound. Delivery will start at the end of this month.

According to Sennheiser , the drivers of the HD 560S are specially designed for accuracy and should enable reliable A / B comparisons of mixes, sources and media formats. The HD 560S should reproduce exactly how a title actually sounds. The open ear cups should allow the sound waves to propagate naturally. The EAR (Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement) technology with tilted drivers mimics an optimal listening triangle found in hi-fi speaker setups and high-end recording studios. This provides a wide and detailed soundstage without the need for acoustic treatment of the room. This allows listeners to enjoy the most neutral version of their music, without the distortions of a closed space.

With a specified frequency response from 6 Hz to 38 kHz, a high sensitivity of 110 dB / 1Volt and the low distortion factor (<0.05% at 90 dB), expressive dynamics and clarity, even at high sound pressure, are guaranteed, according to the manufacturer . The frequency response is as flat as possible, offering an extra low, deep and tight bass that reveals a sound dimension that nearfield speakers often struggle with, particularly between 20 and 50 Hz.

Extended listening sessions require headphones that are comfortable or, even better, that feel like they’re not there. The open, circumaural design of the ultra-light HD 560S with velor ear cushions allows air to circulate and does not even touch the wearer’s ears. This prevents heat build-up and so the listener’s ears should stay cool.

The completely renewed driver has an impedance of 120 Ohm. The diaphragm contains a special polymer mix for better linear excursion and clear sound above 10 Hz. The drive magnet provides highly efficient power and the steel mesh damping system provides ventilation.

For maximum versatility, the HD560S is equipped with a detachable 3m cable with a 6.3mm jack and a 3.5mm adapter with a 15cm flexible cable. The HD 560S weighs 240 grams.

Sennheiser HD 560S: price and delivery information

The Sennheiser HD 560S will be available from September 29 for just under 200 euros.

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