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SHICHIKU.KANGEN: In-ear headphones with beryllium drivers

SHICHIKU.KANGEN Itotake Orchestra

Co-developed by Singapore-based DITA Audio and Japan’s Final Audio , SHICHIKU.KANGEN are a true work of art, despite the difficult name to pronounce.

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These are in-ear monitors with dynamic drivers with a pure beryllium membrane (True Beryllium Driver Gen.SK) . The cases are chiseled from stainless steel and covered with urushi lacquer, through which a pattern made of golden sand in the form of stylized hexagonal leaves can be seen.

The headphones are supplied with an OSLO Cable Gen.SK 1.2 meters long with MMCX connectors, the wires of which are coated with a special oil. The sensitivity of the model is 99 dB , the impedance is 16 Ohm .

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The DITA & Final Audio SHICHIKU.KANGEN headphones are limited edition and retail for $ 2,899 .

More info – DITA Audio

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