Shure Aonic 40: The budget successor to Aonic 50

Shure Aonic 40
Shure Aonic 40

The presentation of the next full-size ANC headphones at CES has become a tradition for Shure. A version of the Shure Aonic 40 could be seen at the show this year, while last year it was the premium Aonic 50 featuring acclaimed musician Adam Levine. The fortieth model is one and a half times cheaper and did without stellar advertising, but the “cult sound” Shure is promised to her too.

Externally, the novelty differs from its predecessor in the design of the headband and hinges, as well as in the features of the cups. But the overall silhouette remained the same. The 40’s Shure Aonic ear cups swivel and fold inward for easy storage, slip into a compact zippered case.

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The new item’s settings are still available through the ShurePlus Play app for Android and iOS. In particular, an equalizer is available, three ANC options and a choice of the transmission mode for ambient sounds. In addition, the application also has a music player that also works with high-resolution audio.


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Headphone controls, in addition to adjusting the volume, will give access to ANC parameters, allow you to hear ambient sounds or answer a call. Dual microphones equipped with a “beam” function are responsible for the quality of telephone communication.


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In some ways, the novelty even bypassed last year’s premium analogue – the Shure Aonic 40 headphones are promised up to 25 hours of battery life with active noise canceling turned on. By comparison, the Aonic 50 can only last for 20 hours. Another five hours will appear in the Aonic 40 reserve after a 15-minute charge. The headphones are already available in black or white.

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In the US, the cost of the Shure Aonic 40 headphones was $ 250.

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