Shure unveils updated SRH840A and SRH440A studio headphones

Shure SRH840A and SRH440A
Shure SRH840A and SRH440A

Shure presented an update of its full-size headphones SRH840 and SRH440 , which were introduced almost ten years ago. The new products have similar names and a recognizable design, and the use of modern technologies has made it possible to improve the sound in accordance with current trends.

Shure SRH840A and SRH440A
Shure SRH840A and SRH440A

The updated SRH840A and SRH440A models have been redesigned to provide increased comfort and durability, as well as a more stylish appearance for image-conscious users.

Still built for professional use, the new models include upgrades, including lower harmonic distortion and more precise matching of left and right drivers.


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The SRH840A and SRH440A feature a closed design with a wide, padded headband designed to provide comfort during long listening sessions. Shure says the new matte black design is more durable and will include a removable locking straight cable as standard, rather than a coiled one.


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While 40mm dynamic drivers with neodymium magnets are used in both models, the SRH840A has a frequency response that Shure claims delivers professional-grade sound with rich bass, clean mids, extended highs from 5Hz to 25,000Hz and sensitivity of 97 dB/mW (@ 1 kHz). This premium model also features gold details on the cups.


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Meanwhile, the SRH440As are aimed at podcasters and home mixers with a frequency response of 10Hz to 22,000Hz and a sensitivity of 97dB/m (@ 1kHz), which Shure says provides stable and uncolored sound.