Skullcandy Mod: Budget option with Bluetooth 5.2 and Clear Voice

Skullcandy Mod
Skullcandy Mod

Skullcandy Mod fully wireless headphones are equipped with 6mm drivers, which are claimed to have no more than 3% distortion. Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 allows you to connect multiple devices, while Skullcandy claims to have improved the Clear Voice Smart Mic with background noise suppression to make conversations more comfortable.

The headphones received the function of amplifying ambient sound in the “tracking mode” – Stay-Aware (stay aware), for which the same microphones are used. A branded free application will allow you to customize the sound profile of the headphones to your preferences. The safety of the Skullcandy Mod is backed up by an IP55 waterproof certificate: the headphones are not afraid of sweat or rain, but it is better not to dip them into water.

The manufacturer promises the new product seven hours of work “without taking it out of the ears” plus 27 hours using the charging case. In 10 minutes, the case will add two hours of sound to the Mod headphones. And the new product is compatible with the Tile tracking application – if you lose your headphones, you can find their last coordinates on the map, and the headphones themselves make an inviting sound. In addition to the charging case, the Skullcandy Mod comes with three sizes of earbuds and a USB-C charging cable.

In the US, the Skullcandy Mod kit costs $60.