Sony Linkbuds S: Super lightweight and affordable earbuds

Sony Linkbuds S
Sony Linkbuds S

A few months ago we learned of Sony’s commitment to the market for wireless headphones with next-generation specifications, although logically for many users the price that is asked for in exchange may be too high for what it is an accessory. Thus, the most accessible answer has just arrived under the name of Sony Linkbuds S.

Sony Linkbuds S are the new headphones with a reduction in technical features but without ceasing to have important features inside, and all in exchange for a price that drops to 200 dollars in the main international markets . From practical noise cancellation and a super lightweight design that doesn’t exceed 5 grams per earbud, it could be one of the big recommendations of 2022.

Features of the Sony Linkbuds S

Sony Linkbuds S are really small and light

Reviewing technical specifications, the most striking thing about this model is the inclusion of an environmental mode that allows the user to listen to their surroundings when they are in public places, while when it comes to sound reproduction, it includes compatibility with the high-quality Bluetooth LDAC codec. from Sony .

The Sony Linkbuds S promise around six hours of listening time with the ANC function activated and can last up to 20 hours if you take into account the battery life of the charging case that comes included with your purchase, so they are extremely comfortable to take with you outside the home during trips or excursions.

Finally, this model comes with an IPX4 rating that makes it resistant to contact with water, while its sale will be in three colors , black and white for all stores as well as an exclusive version (at least for US stores) which includes the “beige” hue at Best Buy stores.

It is worth noting that past rumors and leaks indicate that Sony was going to launch a new pair of LinkBuds-branded earphones but that included an original open-ring type design that does not impede the sound of the user’s environment, but still emits sound through a Open diaphragm to allow audio transparency. Clearly this doesn’t match the classic design of the Linkbuds S, so there’s probably another announcement for this lineup from Sony soon.