Sony Linkbuds WF-L900: Headphones with a very unusual design

Linkbuds WF-L900
Linkbuds WF-L900

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Yes, Sony still knows how to surprise. The Linkbuds WF-L900 headphones, as you can see, don’t look like headphones at all. If I didn’t know that these are exactly the headphones, I wouldn’t think in this direction for sure. 

But even when I know about it, I don’t really understand how to wear them. Until I saw the images from the inside, I didn’t understand at all which of these two halves to insert where, and where does the sound come from? 

I note that the renders are unofficial, so there is a possibility that this is just someone’s fantasy, but it seems not. 

In general, after the Galaxy Buds Life, these are now the most unusual TWS on the market. They are even more unusual. 

Unfortunately, there are no technical parameters, only noise reduction support is mentioned. Well, you can see that there will be white and black.

What do you think?

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