Sony MDR-RF855RK: A personal wireless sound system

Sony MDR-RF855RK

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The Sony MDR-RF855RK or simply Sony RF855RK, are different headphones from the ones we normally analyze here Gizlogic, they are not the typical headphones to listen to music outside the home, but a personal and wireless sound system to enjoy TV , movies or entertainment in a more controlled sound environment. They are useful, for example, if you want to watch TV in total silence or listen to it from any corner of your home, since they offer an excellent wireless range free of interference and also a remarkable autonomy. On top of that, they’re considerably affordable, so they’re worth considering if your goal is to use them exclusively at home.

On the other hand, if you are looking for general purpose headphones with a closed design for general use, you will be better off with something like the  Sony MDR-ZX310APB,  since they are more suited to other situations.

The Sony RF855RK externally is like any other set of mid-range headphones on the market; They consist of padded ear muffs that maintain both a good level of comfort and pressure and sealing, although of course, this can vary considerably from user to user. They have an adjustable band and are mostly made of plastics, but still the frame is solid enough to last for years of use.

They have dimensions of size of 166 x 94 x 126mm and weigh about 285 grams , the ordinary thing. They are not collapsible though, which is a shame, but makes sense considering their purpose. What we will find are control buttons on the right earbud to adjust the volume or turn them off.

That said, the headphones come with a base of similar material that serves a number of purposes, but we’ll get to that later.

Sound and features

The Sony MDR-RF895RKs offer reasonable sound performance for a pair of headphones that cost less than 70 euros, even if the overall sound impression is lacking in brightness. On the other hand, the bass and mids are well represented. Unfortunately, some compression is noticeable at higher volume levels, with sudden dynamic jumps and unusual automatic volume adjustment, which is likely due to the radio technology used in its components.

However, the maximum achievable volume is considerable and also helps users who are hearing impaired. Additionally, there is also the “Voice” mode , which optimizes the sound for vocal reproduction, which helps to discern dialogue more easily.

Connectivity and autonomy

Using these headphones is very simple, although yes, it is necessary to make it clear that they lack Bluetooth, that is where the base enters the scene, which will be the only way to connect them to a device that emits audio.

To do this, simply connect the transmitter base to the television using a mini Jack cable , turn it on and, after a short synchronization, the headphones will be ready to use from that moment on. According to Sony, the operating range of these headphones is 100 meters, although of course, that figure is assuming that there are no obstacles or walls in between, which is why they begin to suffer from interference and problems beyond half when we talk about a normal house.

However, this is still well above what an average Bluetooth solution offers us (10 meters), so there is certainly an advantage here; But beware, this is an advantage only at home, since the transmission base is required at all times.

In terms of autonomy, the headphones contain two AAA batteries that can be easily recharged by placing the headphones on the receiver. The 7-hour charge time is considerable , but the playback time of up to 18 hours more than makes up for it. And if the batteries wear out after several years of use, replacing them will be a simple task.

Who is the Sony RF MDR-RF855RK for?

With all this in mind, it is clear that the Sony MDR-RF855RK are not headphones for the general public or, rather, they do not cater for the general use that is given to this class of devices. They are designed to connect to the TV or stereo at home, not to take them outside or listen to music from the phone. Likewise, they lack a microphone , so they are not very recommended to play with the console, since we cannot use them to communicate, but perhaps to play alone at night without disturbing anyone.

With that in mind, they are mainly useful if we want to enjoy movies and series with quality and controlled sound. There is also usefulness in being able to walk through practically the entire house with them on and continue listening to our favorite programs or news while doing something else, such as cooking.

Lastly, they can help the hearing impaired or older adults to listen to television better without having to turn up the volume (something that can be counterproductive due to distortion), so they certainly have a place in the market.

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