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The Grado GW100x is an upgrade to open-back wireless headphones

Grado GW100x
Grado GW100x

The Grado company presented an update to its popular model of wireless headphones.

Grado GW100 is an American brand of over-the-ear headphones, with which the company proved that even in a wireless format, audiophile sound can be achieved using proprietary emitters and an open acoustic design. The new GW100x continue this trend and offer improved functionality.

The Grado GW100x are equipped with new fourth-generation radiators that have a stronger magnetic circuit, a voice coil with reduced effective mass and a modified diaphragm. Changing the configuration of these components makes the 44mm drivers more efficient while reducing sound distortion. Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX support is responsible for the wireless connection. Advanced connection mode is available, which allows you to quickly switch between two devices.

Autonomy has significantly improved and now the headphones work for up to 46 hours and have a modern USB-C charging interface. Wired connection available.

The housings and internal components remain largely unchanged from the GW100, but the company claims to have made progress in reducing sound loss through the open design of the headphones.

The main advantage of the novelty over existing competitors is the acoustic design itself. In closed headphones , the sound of any playlist is largely locked inside the earcups, which affects the feeling of the imaginary scene. In open headphones , the sound is not “locked” in the cups, the sound stage is wider, to the point of feeling the presence of your favorite artist live.

Grado GW100x are expected soon.

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