TRN Xuanwu
TRN Xuanwu

TRN Xuanwu: Hybrid headphones with planar and armature drivers

The new TRN Xuanwu in -ear headphones are distinguished by the use of isodynamic and reinforcing radiators for scoring the entire frequency range.


The headphones are equipped with a 10 mm planar driver with a square diaphragm, as well as an armature driver designed specifically for this model . The main body of the headphone housing is made of high quality epoxy resin, and the outer panel is machined from aluminum. The pattern on it resembles a tortoise shell, and this is no coincidence – the name of the model is translated from Chinese as “black tortoise” . The kit comes with a detachable cable with two types of conductors – silver-plated copper and pure oxygen-free copper.


Headphone sensitivity is 117 dB , nominal impedance – 12 ohms , that is, they are a light load for any signal source. The model comes with seven pairs of ear pads of different types and sizes.

TRN Xuanwu in -ear headphones are available to order online for US$50.

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