Truthear HEXA: Quad-driver hybrid in-ear headphones

Truthear HEXA
Truthear HEXA

Truthear brand recently released the new HEXA submersible headphones , each of which has four drivers installed.

The set of emitters includes one dynamic driver and three reinforcing ones. The driver is responsible for the low-frequency range and is equipped with a 10 mm liquid crystal polymer diaphragm on a polyurethane suspension and a powerful N52 neodymium magnet system .


It is loaded on a precisely calculated 3D printed acoustic chamber. Medium and high frequencies are entrusted to custom-made reinforcing emitters. Headphones are equipped with a detachable cable with silver-plated copper conductors of increased cross section. Declared sensitivity is 120 dB , impedance – 20.5 ohms . The aluminum alloy outer panel is attached with glue and a screw, so the headphones are not afraid of accidental drops.

ImageThe Truthear HEXA Hybrid In-Ear Headphones can be purchased online for $80 excluding shipping.