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Urbanista Phoenix: Wireless headphones with solar charging

Urbanista Phoenix are in-ear headphones that, like many other similar devices, are battery-operated and recharged in a case. What’s new here? And the fact that nothing is needed to recharge the case itself, except … sunlight or artificial light.

Any lighting device is suitable: the case begins to recharge as soon as it is exposed to light – thanks to a special material called Powerfoyle. The battery charge of the headphones themselves lasts for eight hours, and with recharging in the case – for 32 hours. Since the case can be recharged constantly (the main thing is not to forget that it is impossible to do this in the dark), even if there is not a single power source for kilometers around, the likelihood that the owner of the Urbanista Phoenix will ever lose the opportunity to listen to music all day long is extremely small. Of course, you can also charge the battery in the usual way – there is a USB Type-C port for this.

Urbanista Phoenix - wireless headphones with solar charging

Urbanista Phoenix – wireless headphones with solar charging

Headphones can be controlled by touch or by voice. The connection to the sound source is via Bluetooth. Urbanista Phoenix weighs almost nothing and sits securely in the ear. Thanks to the hybrid technology of active noise reduction, the sound quality remains consistently high. Moisture protection: IPX4. Colours: black and powder.

Developed an unusual device in Sweden. Recall: three years ago, JBL announced the creation of solar-powered headphones. Its engineers also used the Powerfoyle material: it was integrated into the headband of the headphones.

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