Urbanista Seoul: The first TWS earbuds with Universal Gaming Mode

urbanista seoul

Scandinavian audio brand Urbanista is true to itself, giving the names of the next model of headphones from among the names of major cities. This time, his TWS headphones was named urbanista seoul. The Urbanista portfolio includes the first in-ear Bluetooth gaming headphones.

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One touch of Urbanista Seoul was the inclusion of a game mode with low latency with one touch of the sensor. According to the manufacturer, it will be up to about 70 ms. This falls short of the capabilities, for example, of the “gaming” Qualcomm aptX codec (40 ms). But, in contrast to him, Urbanista Seoul works in game mode with almost all devices, not just Snapdragon-based ones.

Seoul headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and support Google Assistant and Siri voice assistants. They charge via USB-C, you can also use the Qi charging pad. The earbuds themselves can last eight hours, and the charging case will add another three full charge cycles. The novelty is protected from moisture according to the IPX4 standard. Urbanista Seoul comes in four colors: black, blue, purple and white.

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In the US, the Urbanista Seoul in-ear, fully wireless headphones cost $ 90.

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