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Vision Ears VE7: In-ear monitors for professionals

Vision Ears VE7

The German company Vision Ears has released a new model of Vision Ears VE7 in- ear reinforcement headphones , featuring exceptionally neutral high-resolution sound.

The acoustic part of the headphones has a five-band configuration; in total, each monitor has seven reinforcing emitters – two for the bass, two for the lower mids, one for the midrange, one for the mid-high range and one for the ultra-high frequencies.

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The sensitivity of the model is 116 dB , the impedance is 12 Ohm (at a frequency of 1 kHz). Headphone cases are made of dark blue translucent plastic, and the outer part has a finish called Fire Blaze . It is made of several layers of polymer material that changes color depending on the angle of view.

The Vision Ears VE7 in -ear reinforcement headphones are sold in Europe starting at € 1,650 .

More info – Vision Ears

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