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Wyze Buds Pro: Affordable Wireless Charging TWS Earbuds

Wyze Buds Pro

Chinese brand Wyze has unveiled the fully wireless Wyze Buds Pro earbuds featuring Active Noise Canceling and a Qi Wireless Charging Case .

Each earphone has three microphones that are responsible for the ANC system when making calls and listening to music. According to the manufacturer, the system is able to reduce ambient noise by 40 dB and wind noise by 10 dB.

Wyze buds pro

The earbuds are equipped with a 10 mm dynamic radiator , and the cases are IPX4 protected against moisture and sweat. There is also a built-in voice assistant Alexa , while Siri, Bixby and Google Assistant are also supported . As usual, the controls are concentrated on the touch areas on the outside of the case.

The claimed battery life on a single charge is 6 hours with the noise canceling system turned off and 18 hours using the charging case. Retail price headphones Wyze Buds Pro is 59.99 US dollars when ordering the manufacturer’s website.

More info –Wyze

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