Yamaha YH-5000: Top Planar Magnetic Headphones

Yamaha Announces YH-5000
Yamaha Announces YH-5000

Yamaha introduced the top-of-the-line YH-5000 headphones as “a flagship product created with the desire to embody our modern True Sound ideals in a concept that was born in 1976 at the beginning of the audio revolution” – and as a device worthy of the older 5000 series.

It was in 1976 that the company introduced the first OrthoDynamic magnetic planar transducer in the True Sound concept. And the version of OrthoDynamic embodied in the YH-5000 drivers required, according to Yamaha, “6 years of research and more than 1,000 diaphragm prototypes.”


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The result is a transducer with a very light and controlled diaphragm, capable, according to the assurances of the developers, to play out the smallest nuances of compositions, to convey both the scale of a huge concert hall and the comfort of a small club. This is facilitated by the round shape of the emitter, conductors on both sides of the diaphragm, careful control over the movement of air.

This model with an open acoustic design weighs not so much for planars – about 320 grams. And at the same time it has a small resistance of 34 ohms, and wins back frequencies in the range from 5 Hz to 70 kHz. The sensitivity is 98 dB.

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Apparently, they are going to produce headphones at a factory in the city of Kakegawa, where, by the way, Yamaha grand pianos are also created. According to the company, the most experienced craftsmen will take part in the work on the YH-5000, and the highest quality materials will be used in the construction. The novelty will be released by the middle of next spring, and in the best possible way – in a limited version of the YH-5000SE (Special Edition).

Various premium accessories are promised for this option. Among them, in particular, two pairs of ear pads that provide a different sound character (leather and suede), two detachable cables with separate shielding to suppress cross signals and a special custom aluminum stand, on which the Yamaha YH-5000 headphones will look their best. The standard version of the YH-5000 (without SE) is scheduled for the second half of next year.

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The Yamaha YH-5000 headphones have a UK MSRP of £4,800, with an optional XLR cable available for £750.

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