Yanyin unveils Moonlight Ultra Hybrid headphones

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra
Yanyin Moonlight Ultra

The new flagship Yanyin Moonlight Ultra in-ear headphones are distinguished by the use of three different types of emitters – dynamic, reinforcing and electrostatic.

ImageNine drivers are installed in each earphone, the set includes 1 dynamic driver with a biomaterial diaphragm, 4 armature drivers from Sonion and Knowles , and 4 low-current electrostatic drivers from Sonion . The coordinated work of all radiators is ensured by a four-band crossover filter, and you can give the desired color to the sound with the help of two-position switches on the body, which allow you to get three different curves.

ImageThe headphone cases are close to the anatomical structure and are made of synthetic hypoallergenic resin. The complete cable also has a hybrid design, it combines pure single-crystal copper and pure single-crystal silver cores, the protective shield is made of oxygen-free copper. When ordering, you can choose one of three connectors – 2.5 mm, 4.4 mm or 3.5 mm . The sensitivity of the headphones is 112 dB , the nominal impedance is 27 ohms .


The Yanyin Moonlight Ultra hybrid in-ear headphones are on sale online for $1,289 .