Accuphase unveils C-2300 Dual Mono Preamplifier

Accuphase C-2300
Accuphase C-2300

The Japanese company Accuphase has introduced a new C-2300 preamplifier , which should replace the C-2150 and C-2450 models in the company’s assortment.

The model is made in a classic recognizable design with two large rotary controls and a hinged shutter on the golden front panel, under which numerous controls are hidden. They include tone controls for treble, midrange and bass, gain switching, channel balance, sub-low pass filter and much more.


The preamplifier is made in a symmetrical scheme in a dual mono configuration, in which each of the channels has its own separate power supply. The circuit is a proprietary AAVA (Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplifier) , with an original solution for the volume control. To connect signal sources, a full set of analog, balanced and unbalanced inputs is provided.

ImageTo turn the Accuphase C-2300 into a complete solution for any signal source, the optional AD-60 universal phono stage and DAC-60 digital-to-analog converter module can be purchased . The preamp has overall dimensions of 465 x 150 x 405 mm and weighs 19.3 kg .

ImageThe Accuphase C-2300 pre-amplifier will be available from July 2023 for $11,490 .

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