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Acoustic Signature Neo – Next Generation Turntables

The idea inherent in the very existence of Acoustic Signature is purely technocratic – the maximum engineering and technical perfection of such a complex mechanical product as turntable… Acoustic Signature technical innovations do not negate the recognition of buyers, the vast majority of whom are guided by musical results. With 25 years of experience in analog reproduction, the firm can be proud of industry-recognized technical solutions that truly improve both the quantitative and qualitative parameters of its turntables.

Acoustic Signature Neo - the next generation of turntables and tonearms

Among these technical advances are the control of body resonances with contstrained layer damping , vibration dampers for the backing disc ( Silenser ) and the maintenance- free Tidorfolon main bearing . Acoustic Signature was one of the first in the industry to develop digital controllers for controlling the speed of rotation of the disk and use powerful specialized power supplies for them.

Acoustic Signature Neo - the next generation of turntables and tonearms

A number of recent studies have allowed the company’s engineers to plan a large-scale upgrade of the entire line of turntables, taking into account new original developments in both technology and materials. This update took on new directions in the course of implementation and began to be seen as extraordinarily large-scale. To underscore the importance of the integral upgrade, dubbed NEO , a team of industrial designers was brought in to refurbish the aesthetics of the turntables. During the selection of technologies, an expanded group of experts were involved, who participated in listening and discussing the best direction of development in terms of sound quality.

Acoustic Signature Neo - the next generation of turntables and tonearms

As a result, by the end of 2020, there was a major update of the Acoustic Signature – NEO turntable and arm range . It covers new materials for miniature bearings for all tonearms, new alloys for turntable body parts, and upgrades to the circuitry of the motor controller and its power supply.

Acoustic Signature Neo - the next generation of turntables and tonearms

The key technical solutions of Neo are as follows:

AVC ( Anti-Vibration Control ) is an electronic system for correcting self-parasitic vibrations in AC synchronous motors in the platter drive.

DTD ( DuraTurn Diamond ) – development of the Tidorfolon main bearing concept (refined since 1997). Due to the use in the bearing of a vacuum-hardened polished shaft with laser coating and special inserts of increased porosity, the coefficient of friction is reduced by 60%.

Acoustic Signature NEO’s technical innovations make it possible to announce new advances in the quality of analog vinyl music reproduction, which the company is pleased to present to vinyl lovers in 2021.

The new line includes 9 models of turntables with prices ranging from 4,200 to 178,000 euros . The new NEO tonearms are available in the price range from approximately 1,500 to 8,000 euros .

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