Acuphase DP-570 – A 2020 CD / SACD player

Accuphase DP 560

Equipped with a quiet and smooth disc loading mechanism, the new Acuphase DP-570 player challenges with its presence. It uses a SACD / CD drive (made of high-strength cast iron and carved aluminum block) with a high stiffness index and low center of gravity, as well as a newly developed elastic (butyl rubber) damping system that significantly reduces tuning the disc information can be read accurately.

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The player’s DAC converter is based on the ES9028PRO chip. Accuphase’s MDS + conversion method, which is Delta Sigma, improves performance, reduces distortion and noise by providing linearity. Coaxial, optical and USB-B inputs are provided for connection to a computer.

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Otherwise we have an independent design “Direct Balanced Filter”, independent power supplies for digital and analog, display of the sampling frequency in bits on the screen, plays DVD-R discs with songs, the output level that can be adjusted to -80dB and outputs RCA and XLR.

From USB-B it plays DSD up to 5.6MHz and PCM up to 384KHz / 32bit. Its weight is 19 kg.

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