Advance Paris A10 Classic – An audiophile integrated amplifier

With the development of the new A10 Classic amplifier, the engineers at AdvanceParis aimed to offer an audiophile integrated amplifier inspired by the famous X-i1100, renowned for its seductive musicality and lively sound!

The A10 is fully future-proof and easy to use. While its classic design remains timeless, it combines an ECC81 / 12AT7 tube preamplifier with a 2x130W Class AB push-pull amplifier. In short, the best of both worlds. Modernity is also presented thanks to a microprocessor that controls all the functions included in the central command post – the encoder, when pressed for a long or short time, you access the menu.

By turning this selector, you can scroll through the inputs: 6 analog for RCA type connectors, including MM phono stage with three capacitance settings (100, 200, 320 pF), balanced line on XLR type input, 5 digital, including 3 optical, one S / PDIF and one USB audio, as well as a connector for a bluetooth receiver XFTB01 aptX or XFTB02 aptX HD.

The USB-A input accepts audio files from an MP3 player or USB storage device.

Now about the original development, which was not previously in the classic line of the French company. First used solution with HDMI inputs. Two HDMI inputs, including one for a DVD / BlueRay player to use a high-quality audio signal with high-quality processing of the A10 itself, and HDMI ARC for connecting to a screen (TV, projector, etc.) via the CEC protocol, which can also be activated in the menu system settings.

It also displays information about the system, speaker selection (A, B, or A + B), volume control, serious, sharp or skip (adjustments), automatic standby (or shutdown) setting with selectable delay from 5 to 90 minutes …

Trigger command In / Out turns A10 on and off remotely or transmits a command from it to another device connected to it with mini jacks.

The A10 offers the ability to connect two subwoofers and modulate the output separately on a preamp or amplifier.

The fixed Rec Out is for a cassette (reel) type tape recorder, MD, or whatever.

On the rear panel, the High Bias switch activates Class A operation at a low power stage volume.

A10 is the choice and voice of those who are ready for ambitious and expensive solutions, while remaining very affordable.

Success and listening pleasure!



  • hybrid integrated amplifier with tube pre-amplification
  • output power: 2 x 130 W at 8 Ohms, 2 x 190 W (4 Ohms), 2 x 250 W (2.66 Ohms)
  • unbalanced output voltage: 9 volts
  • bandwidth: 20 Hz – 80 kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • total distortion no more: 0.006% at 1 kHz (1 W) and 0.02% at 32 W
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 98 dB
  • output impedance: 10 kΩ
  • D / A converter: Asahi Kasei AKM AK4490 (32 Bit / 768 KHz)
  • PCM transceiver: AK 4118
  • USB / DSD audio interface (high definition)
  • optical input with PCM support 24 bit / 96 kHz
  • coaxial input with PCM support 24 bit / 192 kHz
  • USB-Audio input: PCM 24 bit / 44.1 kHz or 32 bit / 384 kHz, as well as DSD64 (2.8 MHz), DSD128 (5.6 MHz) and DSD 256 (11.2 MHz). \ Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • power consumption maximum: 900 W
  • dimensions (W x H x D): 430 mm x 175 mm x 385 mm
  • weight: 14.5 kg

The Advance Paris A10 Classic Amplifier is available in the brand store!

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