Advance Paris X-P700: Preamplifier with 14 inputs and 7 outputs

Advance Paris X-P700
Advance Paris X-P700

A description of the Advance Paris X-P700 preamp appeared on the Advance Acoustic website . The device debuted at the High End 2022 exhibition in Munich, it is part of the Classic Line Hi-Fi component family and corresponds to the manufacturer’s credo: “audiophile quality at an affordable price.”

The novelty is assembled in a full dual mono format, starting with a pair of toroidal transformers in two power supplies. The circuitry corresponds to the proprietary ideology of “the most direct signal processing” Direct Path. The preamplifier itself, which uses bipolar JFETs, can operate, to choose from, in two modes – pure A and more traditional AB. The manufacturer claims distortion less than 0.007% with a signal-to-noise ratio of better than 103 dB.

The X-P700 switches nine analog inputs, one of which is balanced, and one is the input of the MM/MC phono stage. The French said about him that “for this price it is better not to find.” From digital connections, there are two optical inputs, coaxial and USB-B (XMOS XU208-128-TQ64 from Texas Instruments), as well as one USB-A. Built-in DAC – Burr Brown PCM 1796, working out resolutions up to 24 bit / 192 kHz.

The outputs are also diverse: in addition to the line signal in balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) versions, there are high-frequency crossover outputs and two subwoofer outputs. Headphone lovers are not forgotten: Advance Paris X-P700 received a dedicated amplifier for this purpose, and even with dual independent gain control of +6, 0, -4 dB and a choice of output impedance – 0 or 100 Ohm. The front panel has two outputs to choose from, for jacks 6.35 and 3.5 mm. The panel itself is made of 10 mm thick black methacrylate, which is typical for the Classic Line models.

The suggested retail price of the Advance Paris X-P700 preamplifier is 1,390 euros.