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Akai MPC One Retro Edition: Retro design that resembles 80s drum machines

Akai MPC One Retro Edition

Akai Professional has released its Akai MPC One Retro Edition in a retro design that most closely resembles the drum machines of the 80s of the last century. All functions and controls of the original Groovebox – display, pads and buttons – remain in place. But the design – beige and gray body color and even the designation fonts – bring to mind vintage products of the first enthusiasts of the electro-pop style.

Outwardly, the novelty resembles devices such as MPC 60, 2000 and 3000. However, its 7-inch touch screen allows you to edit samples faster and more clearly than on a computer screen. The 16 pads of the device are sensitive to pressure and velocity – the owner of the device will be able not only to program, but also to play music.

4GB of internal memory can be expanded by inserting an SD card or memory device into the USB-A port. The model has a mandatory midi interface in such cases, and in studio conditions analog inputs and outputs will be quite appropriate, and in a stereo version.

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Onboard there are four TRS CV / Gate connectors and a total of eight outputs. The model is equipped with a controller for connecting Mac and PC and MPC Desktop software.

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In the US, the limited-edition Akai MPC One Retro Edition groovebox is priced at $ 900 – $ 200 more than the regular MPC One.

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