ampsandsound Arch: Tube monoblocks on KT150

ampsandsound Arch
ampsandsound Arch

ampsandsound has introduced a new monobloc push – pull tube amplifier called Arch .

ImageThree 12BY7 pentodes work in the input stage of each monoblock  , a pair of KT 150 or KT88 is installed at the output , depending on the selected bias current. The selection is made using a dip switch on the rear panel. The circuit used made it possible to achieve a low coefficient of non-linear distortion, for switching on with KT88 it is less than 0.06% at maximum power, for the option with KT150 it is less than 0.08% .

ImageTo connect to a pre-amplifier, unbalanced RCA inputs and balanced XLR inputs with transformer isolation are provided. All internal wiring is made by surface mounting.


The output power of the ampsandsound Arch is 65 watts with KT88 tubes and 85 watts with KT150 tubes , with a claimed bandwidth of -3 dB from 2 to 110,000 Hz .

ImageAmpsandsound Arch tube mono amplifiers are available in the US market for US$50,000 per pair.