Analog Domain P1: First images of the new preamplifier

Analog Domain P1

Analog Domain has released the first renderings of the new pre-amplifier the P1 . There are no technical details yet, but we can already say that the device is an analog component endowed with advanced switching capabilities.

Analog Domain P1 Preamplifier

The Analog Domain P1 switching arsenal includes five balanced inputs on XLR connectors and six unbalanced inputs on RCA connectors . There are also plenty of outputs here for the most exotic connection options – two balanced and three unbalanced. In addition, there are a pair of balanced and a pair of unbalanced line outputs.

The preamplifier is also equipped with a headphone amplifier – a 6.3mm jack is mounted on the front of the component.

Analog Domain P1

Analog Domain has assured that it will release technical details in the near future.

Source – Analog Domain .

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