Analog Relax EX1000: Yakushiga cedar body and ruby ​​needle holder

Analog Relax EX1000
Analog Relax EX1000

Analog Relax has created its EX1000 phono cartridge based on unique materials. First of all, it is a body made of very hard 2,000-year-old yakushigi wood, an extremely rare cedar. This tree is native to the small island of Yakushima, located in the southern region of Kyushu.

It grows very slowly, and the resin-impregnated annual rings are only a millimeter thick and have a unique cellular structure. Due to the uniqueness of the material, the EX1000 will be released in a limited edition. At the same time, the manufacturer warned that the texture and color of the wood will change over time.

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Another material used in the EX1000 is ruby, a type of corundum. This name is better known in industrial applications – the mineral ranks second in hardness after diamond. And it is from the machined ruby ​​that the EX1000 needle holder is made. The diamond was also not without – the Super Curve Line Contact Ver needle itself is made of it. 2.

Analog Relax EX1000
Analog Relax EX1000

Pickup type Analog Relax EX1000 – MC (Moving Coil). High purity copper wire is used as a winding. The system used the field of a composite neodymium magnet – in particular, thanks to this, a signal with a peak-to-peak value of 0.5 mV (1 kHz) can be obtained at the output.

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The cartridge made by Japanese craftsmen is already available on order with a prepayment. The Analog Relax EX1000 pickup was priced at $ 16,000 in the US.

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