Aragon Titanium: Indy Audio Labs Stereo Power Adapter Complementing the Iridium

Aragon Titanium

The Aragon brand is launching its Aragon Titanium amplifier, which will join the Iridium model in the Elements collection of the American company Indy Audio Labs.

elements logo square vertical large fullTitanium is a 200W class AB dual channel power amplifier that is based on the brand’s 8008 platform. The novelty boasts “a flawless approach to sound reproduction” with the ability to drive even the most complex speakers, while maintaining, according to the manufacturer, “absurdly low distortion and noise.”

So Titanium joins the flagship Iridium with its 400W in Aragon’s Elements collection. The Iridium is also a high bias, class AB differential amplifier.

titanium large fullBoth amplifiers share a core architecture that, according to Arago, takes them to “new heights of performance and authenticity” – features including lower THD + noise, improved thermal balancing and increased power. The amplifiers can work autonomously or in conjunction with a modern control system. In addition to the Titanium and Iridium amps, a preamp can be expected to join the Aragon collection in the near future.

aragon titanium front black transprnt back large full

Ted Moore, CTO of Indy Audio Labs, Aragon’s parent company, said: “Titanium represents the pinnacle of 2-channel amplification in a single package from Aragon. This is one of the few truly balanced, truly discrete, truly American-made amplifiers on the market today. When we release the third part of The Elements Collection, our customers will receive the full Aragon audio solution, which will provide them with a unique emotional listening experience. Our goal was to create a specific and complete group of audio products. ”

The Titanium dual-channel power adapter is ready to deliver up to 200 watts of power.

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