ARCAM Radia: New series of amplifiers, CD player and a network audio streamer


The ARCAM brand presented a series of electronic components Radia , created in a new corporate design. The series includes three integrated amplifiers, a CD player and a high-resolution network audio streamer. The Radia range has been designed to remain true to ARCAM’s British heritage, while its modern design and relatively affordable prices should appeal to younger hi-fi enthusiasts.


HARMAN Luxury Audio Group announced the ARCAM Radia series of audio products , which includes three integrated amplifier models: the ARCAM A 5, A 15 and A 25 , the ARCAM CD 5 CD player and the ARCAM ST 5 high-definition network streamer . The Radia series is the first ARCAM product family to be developed in accordance with the new industrial design and marketing brand update that will guide the design of the company’s future models.

Integrated amplifier ARCAM Radia A5

The ARCAM Radia family features a slim, symmetrical design and is housed in all-aluminum housings. The sleek matte black front fascia is enlivened by new Radia signature yellow accents. Ventilation cutouts at the top are hidden in a pattern of dynamic lines. The connection panel is covered with a spoiler on top that hides the connected cables.

Integrated amplifier ARCAM Radia A5

ARCAM Radia integrated amplifiers are equipped with Bluetooth aptX receivers, internal antennas, digital inputs and ARCAM’s proprietary MM phono stage. The output stages of the lower-end Radia A5 and A15 models operate in class A/B and develop 2 x 50 W for the A5 and 2 x 100 W for the A15. The digital part is based on the ES9018 DAC chip from ESS Technology. The output stages of the top model Radia A25 operate in class G, and the digital part is based on the ES9280AQ DAC chip and is equipped, among others, with a USB-C input.

Network music streamer Radia ST5

Equipped with an internal Wi-Fi antenna, the Radia ST5 networked music streamer supports an impressive list of streaming services, including Amazon Music Unlimited, Qobuz, Internet radio, podcasts, Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect. In addition, the new product supports MQA, Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay2 and Roon.

CD player Radia CD5

The Radia CD5 CD player provides playback of CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs, and is also capable of playing audio files from a USB drive in FLAC, WAV and MP3 formats. Both sources – Radia ST5 and CD5 are equipped with ESS ES9018 DAC chips and are capable of decoding digital streams in parameters up to 24 bit / 192 kHz.

Integrated amplifier ARCAM Radia A5

The ARCAM electronic components of the new Radia series will be available for sale at the end of 2023. Recommended retail prices for new products are as follows:

  • ARCAM Radia A5: €849 / $699 / £749
  • ARCAM Radia A15: €1,249 / $999 / £1,099
  • ARCAM Radia A25: €1,799 / $1,499 / £1,499
  • ARCAM Radia CD5: €799/$699/£699
  • ARCAM Radia ST5: €949/$799/£799

Integrated amplifier ARCAM Radia A25


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