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Audial S5 DAC: multi-bit based on Philips TDA1541 with advanced power

The Serbian company Audial is known for its developments based on the classic Philips TDA1541 multi-bit DAC . Audial called its S5 model “the best ever equipped TDA1541A with USB, S / PDIF, optical input and direct I2S input, as well as an additional transformer output.”

Particular attention is paid to the power supply of the S5 DAC. These are 10 separate sources with 3-stage passive common-mode filtering. The isolating mains transformer also functions as a mains filter.

The novelty carries out digital-to-analog conversion without oversampling. The asynchronous USB input operates at up to 384 kHz with two low-jitter main clocks and is electrically isolated.

The S5 also features a 75-ohm BNC S / PDIF input. The analog output operates on a patented open loop technology. The circuit uses high-quality parts: semiconductors Renesas and Toshiba, capacitors Panasonic PPS and OS-Con and Rubycon ZA, carbon resistors Allen Bradley and Vishay. Toroidal output transformers further reduce noise and pickup.

The Audial S5 is ready to accept USB, coaxial S / PDIF and optical S / PDIF (Toslink). Added to this is a PCM / I2S interface with proprietary HDMI connectors. With them, two S5s can be combined into a 4-channel USB DAC.

In Europe, the basic version of the Audial S5 will cost 2,200 euros, including shipping by DHL or FedEx. An additional transformer-isolated RCA or XLR output is available for an additional € 150.

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