AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ: More spacious and engaging sound

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AudioQuest introduced the AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ USB Noise Filter. In the FMJ version – with a metal rather than plastic housing, unlike the previous version of the JitterBug – the model received additional shielding of the built-in discrete noise suppression circuits. This solution should reduce RF noise and resonances that affect the quality of digital electronics signals.

According to AudioQuest, the JitterBug FMJ will provide audio systems with “more spacious and engaging sound.” The developers also paid attention to decreasing jitter and improving the accuracy of data transmission. In addition to the shielding metal case, the JitterBug FMJ USB output port has a protective hatch made of special rubber – also with shielding properties.

AudioQuest emphasized that daisy-chaining the Jitterbug FMJ is very useful to complement the parallel connection. This refers to the docking of the Jitterbug FMJ with a closed USB dongle to an available port.

The novelty is able to improve the sound of the proprietary mini-DACs DragonFly Black and Red. Interestingly, the DragonFly Cobalt model already uses the Jitterbug technology – that is, the Jitterbug FMJ can be used in parallel with it.

As in the previous model, the FMJ filter supports USB 2.0.

The AudioQuest Jitterbug FMJ is slated to hit the US market in early May for $ 60.

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