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Audiozen Unveils Yin and Yang Mono Amplifiers With Pleasure Meters

Audiozen Unveils Yin and Yang Mono Amplifiers With Pleasure Meters

Audiozen has decided to please us with the monophonic amplifiers Yin and Yang (Yin and Yang). This “amplifying pair” is distinguished not only by the idea of ​​an inseparable whole, but also by rather unusual wattmeters, which are presented here as “Enjoyment meters” with gradations “Zen”, “Sex”, “Fun”, “Gig” and “Max”.

As for the technical indicators, both new items are capable of delivering up to 200 W at 8 Ohms or up to 400 W at 4 Ohms. Each amplifier contains two toroidal transformers with a total power of about 800 VA (per amplifier). The transformers are assisted by metal bridge rectifiers and filter capacitors (four per amplifier) ​​with a total capacity of 43,000 μF.

Amplifier cases are unusual from all sides: there are massive radiators on the sides, the front panels are made of 10 mm aluminum and are decorated with Yin and Yang symbols, and the top panels are made of glass.

In standard versions, the amplifiers are equipped with unbalanced inputs, but on request the devices can be equipped with balanced connectors. In Europe, the cost of one amplifier was 8,800 euros, but you need to buy two – this is the concept of Yin and Yang.

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