AVID Acutus Dark Iron is the brand’s first vinyl player in six years

AVID Acutus Dark Iron
AVID Acutus Dark Iron

AVID has announced its newest player in six years, the Acutus Dark Iron .

As a direct replacement for its predecessor, the Acutus Dark Limited Edition , the new product is the first to take advantage of the upgraded AVID engine design , in which the engine is connected to the main chassis. The developers promise a tenfold increase in power compared to existing analogues on the market.

The use of two round drive belts ensures free movement of the suspension without any vibration. The power supply uses DSP technology to generate frequency independently and provide precise speed control. The 80 VA mains transformer works as an integrated amplifier.

Mounted on top is a hefty 10kg aluminum disc, topped by a 10mm damping disc and a felt composite mat, with the option of replacing it with a polymer one should the user require it.

Acutus Dark Iron ‘s one-piece multi-layer aluminum casting provides strength and controlled movement. Covered with damping material, the housing neutralizes vibrations, providing a linear and time-sensitive audio response.

The vinyl record player costs $13,000.