Ayon updated the model integrated tube amplifier by Scorpio . Like its predecessor, the novelty allows the use of EL34 , KT88 , or KT150 lamps in the output stages . The amplifier is capable of working with loudspeakers with a nominal impedance of 4 or 8 ohms – each option uses its own secondary winding of the output transformers.

The amplifier’s switching arsenal includes four unbalanced line level inputs on RCA connectors . The new generation of the amplifier has a USB port for connecting a computer as a digital transport. In this case, Ayon Scorpio II is ready to accept PCM digital streams up to 32 bit / 384 kHz and DSD up to DSD256 . The only regret is the absence of other optical inputs – coaxial and optical.

The amplifier circuitry is built without the use of feedback. The input stages are based on 6SN7 and 6SJ7 tubes . The integrated amplifier can operate in a triode or pentode mode. The output power is determined by the lamps used in the output stages – for the KT150, 2 x 50 W in the pentode mode and 2 x 35 W in the triode mode are declared , for the KT88, respectively 2 x 42 W and 2 x 30 W, and for the EL34 – 2 x 37 W and 2 x 25 W. The manufacturer declares an operating frequency range of 15 Hz to 40 kHz. Weight Ayon Scorpio II reaches impressive 29 kg.

In Europe, the new generation Ayon Scorpio II tube integrated amplifier is available for € 4,700 with KT150 tubes . Option with lamps KT88 will cost 4200 euros , and for the amplifier, equipped with lamps EL34 will have to pay 3700 euros .

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