Bella Sound Hanalei: Ultimate monoblock power amplifier unveiled

Bella Sound Hanalei

Bella Sound presented the new monoblock power amplifier Hanalei , which expanded the company’s lineup, consisting of various amplifiers, power stabilizers and power cables. The new product is capable of developing a power of 350 Watts when operating on a load with a nominal resistance of 8 Ohms and 700 Watts when operating with a load of 4 Ohms.

Bella Sound Hanalei Monaural Power Amplifier

The amplifier housing is milled from a single piece. At the base there is a 0.5” thick steel plate on two-component stainless steel supports that provide reliable vibration isolation. The front panel is made of hard maple with a polished stainless steel insert, which gives the component a sophisticated look. The switching arsenal includes both an unbalanced input on RCA connectors and a balanced input on XLR. The design uses high quality connectors from WBT. The amplifier is designed and handcrafted in the USA.

  Bella Sound Hanalei Monaural Power Amplifier

The Bella Sound Hanalei mono power amplifier is now on sale with a suggested retail price of $20,000 per monobloc.

  Bella Sound Hanalei Monaural Power Amplifier

Technical characteristics of the Bella Sound Hanalei mono power amplifier:

  • Output Power: 350 W RMS into 8 ohms, 700 W RMS into 4 ohms
  • Class A power: 45 W at 4 ohms, 90 W at 8 ohms.
  • Gain: 29 dB
  • Frequency response: 3 Hz – 550 kHz (+0/-3 dB, 1 W)
  • THD: 0.004% (1 kHz, 10 W, 4-8 ohms)
  • Damping factor: > 1000 at 20 Hz, 8 ohm nominal impedance
  • Inputs: balanced XLR, unbalanced WBT RCA
  • Input impedance: 30 kOhm unbalanced input, 30 kOhm per leg – balanced input
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 490 x 213 x 419 mm
  • Weight: 31.75 kg

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